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Guns N' Roses Tribute

This privacy policy / cookie policy has been set up for Guns of the East (Dutch Guns N 'Roses tribute band), applied to the website:

1) The guarantee of privacy
Ensuring the privacy of visitors to our visitors is an important task to us, which we take very seriously. That's why we describe in this privacy policy what kind of information we collect from our visitors, why we collect this information and how we use this information to improve the user experience of our website. We will never collect personal data from you. This website requires as little information as possible from its users and the number of cookie placements is kept as limited as possible.

2) Permission
By using the information and services at, you agree to our privacy policy and the conditions we have included herein.

3) Questions about this privacy policy
If you want to receive more information or have questions about this privacy policy; then we kindly request you to contact us by e-mail. Our e-mail address is

4) Monitor visitor behavior uses different techniques to keep track of who visits the website, how this visitor behaves on the website and which pages are visited. This is a common way of working for most websites because it provides information that contributes to the quality of the user experience. The information we record by using cookies consists: IP addresses, the type of browser, general location (country, city) and the pages visited.

We also monitor where visitors visit the website for the first time and from which page they leave. We keep this information anonymously and are not linked to personal information.

5) Use of cookies places cookies on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that a website puts on the hard disk of your computer when you visit the site. The most important function of cookies is to distinguish one user from the other. We do this to gather information about the pages users visit on our website, to keep track of how often they return and to see which pages perform best. We also keep track of what information the browser shares.

Guns of the East uses the following cookies:

- (for tracing campaigns)
- Facebook cookies (for tracing Facebook ad campaigns)
- Cookie law (cookie that remembers whether you have accepted the privacy policy or not)
- Session cookie / local storage (cookie that keeps track of your personal preferences / caching)
- Google Analytics (cookie that collects information about your surfing behavior within our website)
- Hotjar (cookie that collects information about your surfing behavior within our website and the measurement of conversion)

6) Disable cookies
You can choose to disable cookies. You can do this by using the capabilities of your browser.

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7) Data storage
This website stores sent contact forms in a database. Also sent e-mails (by using the contact form) are sent through a secure SSL connection (Secure socket layer) and are also stored on a mail server.